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Penis erection is the consequence of complex physiological investments. There are two chambers on the penis that are known as corpus cavernosum, they have an appearance like a wipe and they contain all the erectile tissue and they are set everywhere throughout the penis. The corpus cavernosum is wrapped by a layer which is known as Tunica albuginea. Wipe tissue contains solid tissues and smooth muscle. The Tunica albuginea holds the blood inside the corpus cavernosum thusly giving along these lines an erection. It is returned when penis muscles contract halting the method for blood on the vessels and open the flooding channels.

Penis erection can have a gathering of shapes and edges; it may be genuine to existence with an edge of forty five to ninety degrees, or it can have a slight musical development to the opposite side or to the opposite side. Precisely when this shape is articulated it implies that a contamination known as Peyronie's ailment, this illness has a dim reason delineated by a stringy band present on the Tunica albuginea, it when in doubt is uneven and has hence a deviation of the penis when it is erect.

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